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Explaining The Word of God
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 The Children of God in Christ Ministry 

Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Maddox Sr. is focused on  bringing people to Jesus Christ by explaining the word of God, and explaining how to become a disciple  by allowing the Bible to proclaim the word of God. To allow people to use their God given gifts and talents to become members in the body of Christ to give back to the people of God, because we are the Church.  His belief is that  God is not concerned about your religion, your political beliefs or the contents of your skin.  God wants us all to become one to have  a relationship with him so we all can be on one accord. His motto is "Where there is no sacrafice there is no result".  


The Children of God in Christ Church
P.O.Box 31045
Greenville, NC  27833
Phone: 877 218-4247/ 252 717-9600